Escaping Into Your Dusk

When the poppies danced in the loom of your eyes
the bees soared high & the flies made honey
the child in you giggled and laughed
and peach-flavoured music sounded in my heart again

Nothing makes sense when your air is dwindling around
the fire in the sun turns bright yellow
sunflowers give light to the trees
& flowers become the people

A gypsy came to me in a dream I had
her words were reaffirmation of the future
the certain stays certain if you believe it is certain…

“The unrest in your traveling energy is coming to a colourful settle
a rainbow of toucans awaits the start of the rest of your path
strange-looking eyes you will hold & use for guidance
in times of peril, a swarm of blue  lilies will always keep you safe
a brown jacket you will always wear
& a sail-boat will be your traveling method”

When golden fields used to make us dream
when we wove sails out of the misty sunbeams
the child in you giggled and laughed
& peach-flavoured music was born in my heart.


Severe Case of Cairo Kundalini (unfinished)

That which is coiled is my spine
shielded away from their piercing hands
and devilish eyes
That which is twisted is the path
of my country’s future from the peoples wrath
drowned in dept since 30 years past
waiting to see how long the next one will last.

That which is coiled is the arms of my land
beaten down by painted-white sticks
while its soldiers march steady in their sleep

damned be the hand that beat me
damned be the minds that twisted my dreams a-fright
damned be he who snares after a golden chair
damned be them who’s hands are smeared with angels blood

My home is suffering a sever case of schizophrenic love
confused hate
misguided trust.

Goulash by the Adriatic

The summer of 2015 was a breath of fresh air after the long winter of the previous year.
Once the sun cast its rays to warm Europe, the coming days decided that adventure is upon us.

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Skateboard School – Old Cairo

In one of the oldest corners of Egypt lies an area rich in history and poor in many other ways. There, in the Potters Area or Al-Fakhareen Area in Old Cairo, lies a hidden treasure of a space. Darb1718 Contemporary Art & Culture Center has welcomed Mark Grasy’s Skateboard School project with open arms, and today was the first trial session of this future project.
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DJ Nickodemus from New York City, performing live at Oshtoora music festival in April 2015.
DJ Nickodemus from New York City, performing live at Oshtoora music festival in April 2015.

Oshtoora is not a word, nor does it exist in the Egyptian Arabic dictionary… It is basically an illusion!
A temporary world created by people aching for the same idea
A temporary state of mind… out of the ordinary routine of a typically congested Cairean life and pattern.

This is what happens when like-minded spirits come together: creativity flows and so does love and acceptance for one another…

In this temporary state, there were no judgements, only peace and no sense of passing time.

Thank you Oshtoorians for making us all come together.

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Experimental Videography

Travel Memoir – an experimental video

As a videojournalist, I try to keep an eye out for interesting events. Such events don’t necessarily have to be linked to news or current affairs, but even towards a more artistic approach to videography. This is where the idea of experimenting with my travel videos came from, this Travel Memoir was entirely filmed with an iPod. A way of proving you do not need sophisticated equipment to capture beautiful scenery.
The music track was also recorded on an iPod but without a microphone plugged in. The short piece is played and composed by dear friend Maram Hamdy.

Travel Journal

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